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Our Education Services

Online education

Distance education is a type of education in which the lessons are given either live or asynchronously, without the Participant  ve consultancy  in the same environment.

Face to face education

 Participant  and the consultant share the same place, the training is conducted face to face.

Hybrid Education

It is the situation where the training is half face-to-face and half distance. Participant deals with educational issues from home or other environment, discusses these issues together with the consultant   in the lab ._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58

Webinar Education

Webinar (Internet Seminar), held over the internet and where participants can participate regardless of place or time online meetings or seminars.


Live Training

This form of training is a technological system that brings together the Consultant   and the participant in a virtual environment, allowing the trainer and trainees to give/receive training at different locations but at the same time.

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